24 April 2014

We Have So Much To Learn From Each Other

This is a simple something I created for this quote I heard recently. I'd actually heard it a couple of times but when I needed it, it really jumped out at me. I will just share two thoughts about this. First, I had an experience last week where I started comparing what I felt like I lacked in my life to what I thought others had (that of course I wanted.) That did not go well....at all.

It's easy to take the worst of our own lives and compare it to the best, most seemingly problem-free aspects of another's life. Not a valid comparison and not healthy. I believe the adage that if we could see other people's problems we would gladly rejoice in keeping our own instead. Comparison does bring jealous, resentment and massive feelings of failure and inadequacy. Avoid it at all costs.

Second, my life has been tremendously blessed by making friends of all different kinds of people -- People much older than me and now people quite a bit younger than me. I have become great friends with people I started out not like it all for silly reasons. I have learned that a diversity of friends means I get to have a diversity of experiences and learn from people who have all sorts of wisdom about life that blesses me. We do need each other!

So this is my encouragement to myself and to you. Compare less, love and bless more.

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