22 April 2014

Bargain Sandals Easter Weekend Extravaganza

Instead of gathering colorful Easter eggs last weekend I instead gathered a basket full of colorful sandals. I stopped into a couple of stores last weekend. I popped into the shoe departments for a fast peek, just in case there was something I couldn't pass up. Little did I realize it was new shoe shipment week and much to my surprise there were lots of shoes in my size. That generally doesn't happen, so I took my time and did some looking. I picked up four options, all on sale, that I hope will carry me through Summer 2014 and right into Christmas at least.

Each pair is quite different but have fun details and colors - and best of all each pair seems very comfortable.  All but the bottom left hand corner are from Target where I got a double discount. These are also on sale online at Target.com. I loved the red pair with the red stripe in the sole. The twisted sparklies were too cute to pass up and I loved the earthy mixed metal rivets and varied band widths on the dark brown pair. 

The bottom left corner I picked up at the military exchange on base on Friday. They are Unionbay Noreen sandals and are a pretty coral color which doesn't really translate in photos apparently. They are even cuter on the feet.

All four pairs will be great with jeans and pants as well as skirts and dresses. That means lots of outfit options. You might want to check out these Dr. Scholls sandal inserts I also found this weekend. Remember how I was making my sandal insoles by trimming down inserts? Well I guess I don't have to anymore. I'm going to test drive these. I'll let you know. My one dislike about them is how tiny they are. They don't reach to the middle of my heel, but I think the ball of the foot is the critical area needing padding generally, so we'll see how it goes.

If you are in need of sandals for this summer, now is the ideal time to pick them up while stock and selection are at their best. With weather warming up across the U.S. sandals are going to become a hot item.

Images 1, 2, & 4 via Target.com
Image 3 via Zulilly

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