14 April 2014

Now Is My Time #15: Recovery and Relaxation

Last week was seriously one of those anything that can go wrong will go wrong weeks. In fact it seems like the past two months have fallen into that category. Last week's catastrophes included waking up to a bathroom with several inches of standing water on the floor and a broken toilet that even with the water turned off was still leaking from several places. Sigh...

By the end of the week my stress-o-meter was worn out. So having a Saturday at the beach was about as heavenly as it could get. There have been times when I have gone to the beach, hoping to relax and could feel my shoulders as tight as could be and my soul tense. This was one of those times. I knew I just had to start walking barefoot and hoped that I would let go of things and be in the moment. At first I wasn't sure I'd be able to. I remember having that same worry at other times on the beach. I tried to have faith that like all the other times, I would be able to let go and enjoy.

By the time I had walked a quarter mile or so, all worries were forgotten and I was taken in by the waves, birds, sailboats, sand and shells. Watching the other beach goers enjoying themselves helped me relax. Searching for good treasures made me forget other thoughts. And soon several hours had passed and I was feeling sunkissed and full of good cheer. My Instagram feed is full proof that I was completely and joyfully in the moment on Saturday, spending the day with my favorite little person.

She claimed this groove of palms as her little secret hideaway and found an old charcoal to make signs. We spent the better part of the afternoon in the shade of the palms, making little signs and decorating the little hideout with flowers and twigs and rocks. Such a lovely day and such a great getaway from the worries of the adult world. Spending time in nature and spending time at play with kids are two of the very best ways to give oneself recovery and relaxation time. I was definitely in need of a little self-care after last week and this was the perfect day for it. Sometimes self-care requires planning and work and other times the best way to find it is to just let oneself go in the present moment and drink it in freely.

Have you had some great self-care moments of late? How have you let go and joyed in the moment?

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