10 April 2014

Summer Skirt Sampling

This photo just makes me giddy, can I tell ya that?! Giddy. This gorgeous color palette was quite a painful labor to create but in the end I am supremely happy with it. These are the fabrics for my new skirts. Last Saturday I knew I was going to have an entire day to spend on my own in a nearby city with no real commitments until evening. So I decided to fit in my fabric shopping trip that morning since it didn't work out so well last week when I took the entire clan with me, although I am crazy about the fabrics we found for The Bug.

Thank goodness I had a good breakfast and time for good soul-strengthening inspiration that morning before I started the fabric store marathon. It can't be a bad day when you start it with a breakfast sandwich on Texas Toast. Mmm. I headed into the fabric store about 10:40 a.m. and came out about 1:30 p.m.

Finding fabrics I liked didn't take too much time and I had good luck finding contrasting fabrics I wanted to use. I ran into a woman who make bridal dresses who asked me what I was doing with the fabrics. When I told her about my project, she had some good advice AND gave me a 40% off coupon. Score. I already had one but I could use both on two individual items.

So here's what I am hoping is going to happen with the skirts. They will be basic a-line, just below knee length so I can sit down like a lady in them.

Skirt One: The gray and white polka-dot will have a band of the fuchsia around the bottom. It doesn't look very fuchsia in the lighting, but it is. I will admit I must be having a weird thing for polka-dots this Spring because you'll notice that three of the four patterns are in fact polka-dots. .And the only reason I have one fabric that is not is because I forced myself to find something besides a polk-dot pattern.

Skirt Two: Orange polka-dot will have a dark gray band across the bottom.

Skirt Three: The bold floral (still with the polk-dots) is the one I am going to do something a little different with. This one took some thinking. I tried a bunch of fabrics as a band across the bottom but none really worked. After a short brainstorm with the bridal dressmaker lady, I decided to just do a very thin one-inch band of white along the hem.

Skirt Four: Well I had to find another print and I luckily I happened upon this one pretty quickly. The partner fabric isn't seen here but I have a beautiful blue similar to the blue in the banded shells to use as the band across the bottom. 

When I went into the store it was pretty quiet and there were no lines. I chose my fabric then looked in vain for a blouse pattern -- well I found it in a book but it wasn't available in the store. After that I briefly looked at scrapbook papers and investigating options for some other projects I have in mind. Soon the store was getting very busy and the cutting table line had crowds standing all around the area. By the time I did get a number, I had quite a long wait.

When I walked out of the store I had gotten a discount on everything I bought and I was exhausted. So even though I spent fifty dollars on fabric, to get four skirts out of that is a pretty big steal of a deal. Now I get to start cutting and sewing. It will be a while before it's warm enough to run around in a short skirt, but I will be so happy when I have so many lovely choices.

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