28 April 2014

Now Is My Time #17: Letting Go Of Unchangeables

A bunch of things that have happened this past week have me thinking about the importance of letting go of all the things we can't change in life. Carrying around dumb and disappointing experiences that have happened in life are just such a waste of our time and our energy. Wanting to live my best life, happy and healthy, letting go of little things I can't change seems to be a perfect part of my Now Is My Time challenge.

This Monday I am thinking about letting go of a few things. A really dumb comment I heard someone make that was totally inappropriate for the setting. (I smiled when two friends mentioned their offense to the same thing without me having said anything about it.) I am letting go of a conversation that I had hoped would be full of compassion and connection that ended up feeling very rushed and administrative. I am letting go of a judgmental comment aimed at me from someone who has no idea of the real situation.

I am letting go of disappointment in my fellow human beings. I am letting go of expectations for my life that have caused me frustration and have not come to fruition. I am letting go of inappropriate self-judgment. I am letting go of the word "failure" from my vocabulary. I am letting go of restraints that tell me it might not be the right time to go for my dreams. I am letting go of things, thoughts and actions that aren't worth the best use of my time and energy.

Oh how good it feels to unburden oneself from all the little things that could eat up so much time: being offended, being mad, being revengeful, disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, envious, bitter...there are just so many ugly feelings one can entertain in this life, justified as they very well are sometimes. But imagine the freedom, peace, happiness and strength that comes from disciplining oneself to let go of those things and live on a higher plane.

Imagine this week letting go of a handful of balloons filled with our disappointments and unchangeable burdens. What would be in your balloons?

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Happy Letting Go Monday.


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