08 April 2014

Finally A New Handbag

Well it had to happen sometime and of course it happened the week after I bought some canvas to make myself a bag. I have seriously been looking for a handbag I could really love for at least a couple of years now. I have hunted through large department stores, specialty boutiques, thrift stores and discount retailers and just have not found anything that met all my needs that got me excited.

Last weekend I stopped into Marshalls and as usual I perused the handbag section. Hidden at the back of one of the racks was this gray and camel canvas tote that just jumped out at me. I am loving gray and brown right now and have been mixing it a lot with my clothing choices. I was looking for a tote-ish bag that wasn't too big. This met that critieria well. I wanted something I could carry in my hand and wear over a shoulder. I wanted something neutral that wasn't totally boring. I love the textures and contrasts on this bag that keep it simple but stylish. The b.o.c. Lemmor Foldover bag met all my hopes and so I grabbed it.

it also comes in tan - via Follow Sales

I didn't realize it was a foldover bag until I looked it up online after I got home. It's full of stuffing so it didn't look like it would foldover. Seeing a photo on line, that makes sense now. The Lemmor Foldover is canvas so I know it's not going to last for all too long, but purses, especially if they're an every day purse, don't often last too long. But it could be a great basic for a while. We'll give it a go. I'm ready to carry something a little more stylish that the uber-utilitarian bag I've been using.

I am so excited to move my goods over into this bag and start enjoying it every day. Will be such a breath of fresh air. The other thing I've been on the hunt for over some years now is new bedding. I seriously have spent dozens of hours looking over the past several years and I just haven't found it yet. I am about to break down and make my own again. Maybe if I buy the fabric for it, I'll suddenly find that too. Haha.

Speaking of fabric, I will have some very pretty fabric to show you later this week. Remember my somewhat ill-fated fabric shopping trip last week? Well last Saturday I had an entire day to use up on my own in a nearby city, so I planned to use part of that time to shop. I'll tell you all about it soon. Have a great day and don't forget this is your time to life your best life.

top image via 6 p.m.

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