26 September 2013

The Great Accomplishment Of The Weekend

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Saturday was the last day of Summer 2013. Sad to see it go, but as always excited for new adventures. Saturday afternoon The Bug and I spent an hour or so cleaning out the remains of this summer from my car. Since The Man came home is has been a disaster with a lot of stuff stacked in the back, an area we don't really use. I've had no time or energy to clean it up so finally I couldn't take it anymore. I hated that feeling of embarrassment and sadness that overcame me every time I approached my car.

First I tidied up the back hatch where all the emergency essentials and toys go. Then we tackled the worst mess, the folded down second seat and put the seat back up. It looks so nice now. Then we tacked the back seat where kiddo usually resides. The seat back pockets were tidied up and edited. Lots of little bits of trash were thrown away. Then we reorganized the cockpit, also known as grown up central.

Then we tackled the windows. They were a mess. Unfortunately in our parking garage my car is right next to the west facing windows where all the dirty air blows in on ocean breezes every day. The left side of my car is always covered in a fine gunky silt. So frustrating to try to keep the car clean.

I am so happy that the car is clean and organized inside. Now I can just take it over for a good washing on the outside. Then it needs to go to the shop to find out how long it has to live. We know there are a couple of serious issues but we don't know if they are "time to get a new car" or "time to pay for some big repairs" issues.

But at least until we know one way or the other, I'll be a lot happier with the car clean. It's good to get another long over due take off my back this weekend. I've been so busy and thus so tired that I haven't been able to focus on some of these projects that really matter to me. It's great to see some progress and have the energy to work on things that just require physical labor and not a lot of mind-bending concentration. Sometimes just good hard work is so good for the soul.

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