04 September 2013

I'm Finding Joy And Pleasure Here...

Things have been busy lately and I have cut back a lot on my time online. Some of my favorite bloggers don't post much these days and other blogs I used to read have changed direction and tone and I find myself relating less and less. So I've been a bit adrift with my social media go-tos lately.

I thought I'd share sites I am finding are my regulars right now. They are all a bit different but inspire my mind in different ways.

1. Design Mom - I have always found Gabrielle Blair to be very likable because she is so down to earth. She shares her vulnerabilities and doesn't even attempt to pretend that her life is like a highly stylized, picture perfect magazine shoot every day. I love her living with children series, have enjoyed the adventures of her move from France to Oakland, CA recently and I like how she makes me think and creates conversations that a lot of people get involved in. Not only are her posts creative and wise but her readers are also full of great and helpful comments. I have found her blog quite comforting to me lately, relaxing, easy to read, calming...all that good stuff.

2. Little Green Notebook - I have mentioned it here before I think or at least on FB, but I am enjoying following along on another whirlwind home renovation by Jenny Komenda. She's crazy talented and creative. She comes up with the most innovative, money-saving design ideas. She's really quite amazing. Her family just moved to Arizona and are renovating a large home and doing much of the work themselves. It's stunning to see how she can turn a room around. It's inspiration every day. I like that she has a mix of easy DIY decor projects and mingles them with huge projects like paneling a room or doing wood floors.

3. Barefoot In The Kitchen - If you are in the Mom-zone these days like I am, you will find a lot of encouragement and acceptance of your imperfections with Stephanie. She inspires, encourages and includes delicious recipes, home decor projects and she has an awesome tutorial to teach you how to hem your own jeans too. If you're looking for a place where you can feel like you are doing great just as you are and always looking for ways to be just a little better each day, you might find a home at Barefoot In The Kitchen.

4. Mile Markers - I have mentioned Kristin Armstrong here quite a few times. Despite the happenings of the past year with her ex, I continue to find her thoughtful and inspiring. Her weekly postings at Runner World online are always a nod to good living, daily joy and overcoming struggles. I spent a little while catching up on her blog last night and found myself quite in the mood to go for a run and tackle life's challenges with a smile. I especially liked her post Unemcumbered.

I do love that the online world has grown into a place where I can stick with favorites, eat buffet style depending on the day or life circumstance or I can venture into new tastes that excite my palette. I am very interested in finding new inspiration and am taking small detoured links wherever I can to meet new faces and ideas. If you have any new blogs you are loving, please, please leave a comment below. I'd love to check them out.

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I have been blogging less too. Not sure why, but about once a week.


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