13 September 2013

Filling Up One's Bucket

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Hello friends. I wanted to check in because it's been far too long since I was here with you. Things have gotten quite busy since since The Man returned earlier this summer and even busier since school started four weeks ago. We had such an early start to the school year which I don't like at all.

But thankfully that means that here in the middle of September we have settled into our school year routine, The Bug is in the flow with getting to bed on time, doing homework and making the most of having fun during free time. We started golf with her again this week so there is one more thing to add to the weekly calendar.

Added into all this have been a little vacation, as many fun family activities as we can cram in, doing a lot of work for custody issues, and a few outstanding health issues to still deal with. Then there are the housecleaning, car maintenance, bills and all those details that are so not fun to deal with. After a particularly demanding week I find my bucket a little empty.

More and more I am learning that life does not happen in big waves of lovely, easy days. Most days are challenging, tiring and at times very frustrating. Joy and happiness exist and can be found in the middle of all these things. A few minutes spent tickling and giggling on the bed, twilight at the park, watching a relaxing show or movie for a while, eating a great dessert, sharing a smile, laughing at a silly joke, taking a nice walk, watching a sunset, riding bikes, or talking about the day can make all the difference to help us feel happy in life.

This is where the good stuff is and it can, does and must co-exist with the tiring, frustrating, sad and heartbreaking if we are to find purpose and joy in life. It takes effort, a good attitude, faith and hope to press forward enjoying all of life's beauties.

I wish you a most lovely weekend of beauty in the midst of all the other things. I hope you have a few minutes to do something that brings you joy. Look for it. I promise it will be there waiting for you if you seek it out.

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