05 September 2013

A Pin Test #14: Favorite Arms & Abs Workout

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It's time for Pin Test #14. Here's a great workout for you, it's called WBFF Champion Andrea Brazier's Favorite Arms and Abs Workout. As you can see, she's pretty buff. But I figured if it gets her results it certainly can't hurt trying, right? I could definitely feel my abs after this workout and my arms were jelly.

It's a tough workout but one anyone can do. Sometimes there are moves in other workouts that are just impossible to do until you've worked up some muscle strength, but all of these are doable for most people right out of the gates, with the following caveat.

If you're in great shape you will probably be able to do the entire workout. For others who are just starting or restarting a workout habit, you can experiment doing fewer reps and sets and build up as you go. Obviously this is a routine that works for Andrea and she's in insanely amazing shape.

If you try it, let me know how it goes for you. I always like to hear back. I would say this was a Pin Test success. I'm looking forward to working it into my exercise regimen in the future.

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