23 September 2013

Finishing Long Overdue Projects

I am taking a break from completing a long overdue project to write this post. My fingertips are cut up and sore and it was a good time for a break. I'm about seventy percent done now with a project I have had laying around for a while that I determined I would finally finish. I started this project at least a year ago and it has been getting in my way and moved around and around since then.

A couple of seasons ago it seemed that all the cotton shirts has elastic shirring in the waist. I bought a few thinking, against my better judgment that I wouldn't hate them. This is despite the fact that I've always hated waistbands in shirts because they are always too short for me. So I ended up getting rid of some of them, but there were a couple I thought would be cute if I took the elastic out of the waist. Sounded simple enough. A few minutes with a seam ripper. Not so. I started on two shirts just cutting the threads with my seam ripper ever inch or so, thinking I could easily pull the thread. No, it was a monumental task. So far I've spent at least a couple of hours on one blouse alone and still have a good, long way to go.

But it feels good to just jump on the task and complete it. There comes a time when you really just have to decide "Am I going to do this project or just get rid of the item." I'm in one of those moods and wanting to simplify yet again. You may remember that last Spring I went through the entire house reorganizing everything. Well, within weeks of The Man returning from his year away, most of my work was totally and completely undone. So, things are feeling more disorganized than ever. Super...

Finishing or getting rid of projects I'm not that serious about are two ways I can make some headway in feeling more organized and simplified. Keeping ahead of the wave of stuff that seems to accumulate in a home often seems impossible. Just the number of papers that come in the mail and home from school every week creates a small mountain.

I'm so happy to get this shirt done. I still don't know if it's really going to work once I take out the elastic, but I'll know soon. If it doesn't work, it can go into the thrift store donation box and I'll have one less item in the house. Great options, either way.

Do you have unfinished projects like this around your house? How does it make you feel when you finish one?

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