25 January 2013

Yes, We Need More Courage

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I've had the occasion to talk to several friends who are truly in need of more courage or are finding it necessary to amass great quantities of it at this passing moment. I can say I am at a similar standpoint. After a difficult week and a To Do list miles long and not too fun at that, I hit a rough patch the past couple of days. Not feeling well, not sleeping well, tired, frustrated, discouraged, a little overwhelmed - we've all been there.

It's so easy to let the fears grow bigger than they really are, to lose faith in the one thing you have put in God's hands to fix because you have no power to do so, to feel you will never be an adequate spouse, parent, artist, financial wizard, athlete, etc. It's so easy to fear that all the daily worries will overtake your ability to withstand the pressure. We all have tests we are given, a hand we've been dealt which no one else will exactly understand or experience in the same exact way and we have to maneuver our way through them without knowing how they will turn out in the end.

The more we talk with each other and spend time with people we value, the more quickly we realize that life is difficult and constantly challenging for everyone. But that is not to say that we cannot enjoy the benefits of courage, hope and positive thinking. Because life is full of joy, life is full of wonderful, fantastic little moments. Life is full of fantastic people to know and love and beautiful places to see and love. There is great power is courage. Having gratitude helps us have courage too because it allows us to see all the great things that have come to our lives and be less consumed with frustrations.

Today I wanted to share a great article I read from Psychology Today called The Six Attributes of Courage:  Quotes and Exercises To Be Your Best And Bravest Self  by Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D. It is full of inspiration. A great description of courage, attributes of a courageous people, amazing quotes, and even courage-building exercises. This is a powerful resource to anyone who wants to live in more joy, courage and peace and I pass it along as a gift from my soul to yours. I'm going to take it to heart and start working out my courage muscle a little harder. In our home we pray daily to be "brave and strong." A prayer I will continue to carry with me each day to weather life's storms and keep a joyful, grateful smile on my face.

It seems I've written about the need for courage quite a few times here. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Sending you warmest, bravest, strongest wishes for you in your courageous daily path. You are not alone. God bless!

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