07 January 2013

The Amazing Trimmed & Beaded Silk Dress

Hi! I've missed you so. It was so fantastic to take a break and be able to focus exclusively on family this last two weeks. But that break also has me super energized about coming back here and I feel like I just want to whip up a few cups of tea and sit down and get caught up with you all. I have to share this gorgeous dress with you that The Man brought home with him from his travels for The Bug. It is amazing and she could not look cuter in it.

The fabric is silk and the entire dress is covered with the most amazing collection of trims and ribbons. The waistband and shoulder plackets are beaded. The fantastic part is that her dad bought her about five of these so she has quite an array to choose from. The funny part though is that even though she loves wearing these dresses, she doesn't like going out in them because she gets noticed and it makes her uncomfortable to have people making a fuss about what she's wearing. But they are amazing works of art and it's so great to check them out in detail looking at each section and each kind and color of material used. Such fun. What creativity went into these.

I had bought the boots early last fall, never anticipating they would have such fantastic outfits to go with them come Christmastime. I also found a very pretty blue velvet, fur lined vest with red embroidery at our local thrift store a couple of months ago that goes with this dress phenomenally. Amazing how it all came together.

By the way, The Bug does have hands. I don't know where they are in this photo, but rest assured she does have them. So that's my share for today. I'm working on my list of upcoming posts and itching for some fun projects for the new year. There will definitely be some Pin Tests and projects coming as well as lots of good beginning of the year inspiration. I'm working on a vision board this week and I can't wait to share a conversation I had last week with a friend about what you do when everything seems to be going exactly like you didn't want it to.

I am so excited about life right now. That energy is probably coming from several different directions including big changes for our family this past couple of weeks and feeling like we can look ahead for good things to come in a few months once deployment ends. Then there is the new year and all the excitement of refocused goals and dreams. Life is so full of adventure and things to learn. I really want to make the most of this year and live the life I really want for myself. I hope you'll join me on that journey and do the same in your life. What a grand year it will be!

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