17 January 2013

Space Bags & Thrift Store Bags

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I went through my closet two nights ago and it didn't take long because I don't have that much clothing -- and yet I was able to fill a grocery bag with clothes for the thrift store.

Here's what I'm getting rid of:

1) Clothes that have a bad vibe about them. This includes clothes that I wore a lot or purchased at times in my life where things were very hard. I just don't like the mental/emotional association with some of those pieces and I have no inclination to wear them because of that. There are just a couple of these but I really had to own that I am not inclined to wear outfits that have sad memories attached.

2) New items I have never worn. Thankfully this pile only consists of a couple of items. Sadly one was a knit bolero that is now ruined because it was hanging badly on a hanger and has totally stretched out in the front and looks awful. Bad.

3) Clothes that feel super frumpy. I had to let go of a few old favorites that have lost their shape or now just look worn and haggard. Some had become a bit discolored on the color or the color had faded out a bit. Not so badly that they were a huge embarrassment but they just no long look sharp. Some never fit quite right. They do not make me feel joyful, attractive or pulled together. There is no point having clothing like that in your closet. By old friends. God bless.

It has felt really great to put the focus on the wardrobe the past two months. On Tuesday I stopped by Gap and got the blue version of this new favorite. I should get lots of great wear out of it, since it appears that this is not a cold snap but rather a cold winter we are having her in SoCal. I feel like I am having an easier time making decisions about clothing pieces to add to my closet and I'm shopping faster and smarter.

I think I've made a couple of decisions that I regret now, but that is bound to happen and they are still pieces that I can wear and get use out of. One is this Navy Striped Top. I bought it in my size but it feels like it's grown at least another size maybe two since I got it. I'm hoping that maybe throwing it in the dryer will help shrink it up. I wish I'd gotten one size smaller. Another is a floral blouse with a weird ruffle at the neckline and elastic at the sleeves. Trying to stay open minded but we'll see what happens. May do a little altering.

The next thing I'm going to do is put a few items in Space Bags. These are the items that I am saving because of a bit of inspiration I heard from Ralph Lauren. He keeps high quality, very stylish classics he knows will come back in style again. I have a few of these items I know I will love having when the trend comes around again.

After that I am buying new slim profile flocked hangers. I keep seeing them being used by organization buffs and clean freaks on TV. I'd love to see how much space I can save in my closet with a thinner profile hanger. I actually saw a 50-pack of Real Simple hangers I almost bought today at Bed Bath and Beyond. I am so glad I didn't after reading the bad, bad online reviews of them all breaking to pieces within weeks of purchase. I am also pretty disappointed to see two trusted brands names marketing these apparently horrible hangers. It reminded me that I bought a little card case from Target that was Real Simple brand and it feel apart within weeks. Disappointing to think this may be a trend.  I will definitely have to make another choice.

So tomorrow morning it's off to the Thrift Store with a few bags of goods. It feels good. I'm thinking about priorities this year and realizing more than ever that I really need to streamline my life and my time. I want to keep it as simple as possible now that I am spending so much time being a mom. It's a great joy, but wow is is a lot of work. Even though the man is away there is much to do for him and to keep other things afloat while he is gone. I'll have more to share with you about my goals for this year and how I'm feeling about my hobbies. It may shock you. Have a fantastic day. Thanks so very much for coming by. God bless!

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Kelly said...

I love a good closet clean-out -- especially if there are a few new pieces coming in to refresh the mix. I also want to buy some new hangers. We have a few clip-on hangers from the Container Store that will not hold onto anything. Generally, I like their stuff so this was a big disappointment. If you find a good source for hangers, please let us know!

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