28 January 2013

Sharing My Kindred Spirits

We've been watching the Anne of Green Gables movies around here regularly since The Bug first saw them last summer. She has become quite a student of Miss Anne Shirley with and "e". I love how The Bug will analyze Anne and other character's comments and behavior, what she thinks was good, was not good, etc. She frequently speaks of Mrs. Rachel Lind and how nosy she is and how bad that is. I had an experience this week that reminded me of Anne with an "e" and gave me great joy.

Kindred spirits are at the center of all that Anne Shirley loves about life and she seems to be continually finding people everywhere she goes who she ends up sharing a deep connection with. My life too has been graced with such wonderful people, who I too consider kindred spirits. I am so thankful for their influence in my life, however brief it may be.

I had never imaged though how joyful it would be for me to introduce so many of these kindred spirits and their children to The Bug. It amazes me to see her warm to them with the same fondness I feel for these dear friends. Last Thursday we had the chance to host a dear friend from college and her three children while they were on a short stopover in Southern California on their way to a grand five-month travel adventure.

Although our visit was short, it was deeply joyful for all. It was amazing what fond feelings can develop in such a short period of time where there is a foundation of love there. It was such a happy moment Saturday night to stand and wave like crazy as their shuttle bus to their flight drove away. The Bug was on my shoulders waving and blowing kisses. It was pure sweetness.

Grateful to see the blessing of kindred spirits being passed on to the next generation. Happily we have more kindred spirit friends, near and far, some that The Bug has met and some she has yet to meet. I'm looking forward to those meetings even more now that I've had a taste of the sweetness and appreciate even more what a blessing these relationships are to our family.

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