14 January 2013

A Warm French Striped Top For Cold Weather

image via Gap

Thursday night I decided it was time to get out of the house, run a couple of errands and give me a night off of cooking dinner. So we headed to one of our favorite hang outs to return some items I bought for The Man over Christmas that didn't work. I thought I'd do a quick spin around the Gap store again looking for more tops because they have had so many that I liked.

This shopping center is an outdoor two-story place and for some reason the walkways because canyons for nasty wind and it was shockingly cold last night. One thing I've been missing in my wardrobe the past couple of years is warm, stylish, long sleeve tee shirts. Maybe it was the freezing cold that lead me to it but I fell into some pretty serious like with this long sleeve Harbor Jersey knit top. Besides the fun French flair, it has the cutest dark gray patches on the elbows. I have always loved elbow patches.

I like stripes but sometimes don't like the appearance of added width around the middle. I thought this light gray might minimize that effect. I was so happy the next morning when I slipped this on. It is super comfortable, fits perfectly and the heavier weight made it perfect for wearing with a jacket to stay warm on a very cold morning.

I paired it up black flats and leggings, a dark gray knit skirt, dark gray felted wool jacket and then wrapped my favorite Michael Stars navy and heather gray wide-stripped scarf around my neck. It was a great combination of lots of comfy warm knits and neutrals. I felt like I should be stopping into a  French bakery for hot croissants and a street market for a bouquet of springy yellow daffodils that I would put in my wicker bike basket. Instead I was trying to keep up with a scootering Little Bug as she zipped her way along to school. An equally happy way to start the day but not quite as glamorous.

I give this top a big thumbs up. I like the heavier weight, it's super comfortable, the sleeves are nice and long, it hits just right at the hips without being too long and "draggy" around the tush. I like the little details like the elbow patches, the stitching on the sleeves and the v stitching at the neckline. It's a simple top but it feels a little more special with a few charming little touches. It layers well with lots of options, is a nice simple print you could wear all sorts of fun patterned scarves with and it's a cut that works great with pants or a skirt. I am definitely happy wearing something that is actually keeping me warm without having to wear another layer on top even when indoors.

I think I may pick up another one of these and maybe one in the navy blue stripes it also comes in. A good deal, especially when Gap is constantly having online and in-store sales. Hope you are staying warm if you are in winter now. It's been unusually cold here and my family in Utah just got buried in snow at the end of last week. Winter wonderland indeed. Sending you best wishes for today. Hope it's a good one for you. Cheers!

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