29 June 2012

Summer 2012 Patriotic Mantle

image by kalanicut

A quick peek at the July 2012 mantle. I am going to be totally down to earth and say the chalkboard looks horrible and I meant to fix that and take a new photo for today. I will do that later this morning when it gets light. What an embarrassment. :) It's been a rather challenging week, so perfection will have to wait until another day. haa-haa.

I'm having a real love affair with the song God Bless America right now. We've been singing it a lot so that The Bug can sing along at the Dodgers games and any other patriotic gathering. The star and stripes board I just made this past week. Uncle Sam  and patriotic bunting I made last summer. The shells we've gathered around the U.S. on trips the past couple of years. I made the driftwood garland earlier this year. The Liberty sign was a gift from a dear aunt. I made the chalkboard several years ago and have used in a variety of ways around the house since then. It's looking very dusty in this photo but in person it's much easier to read.

Nothing too fancy. Pretty down to earth and simple for us here. Looking forward to a lot of celebrating in the next week or so with family and friends. And as many fireworks shows, parades or rodeos as we can cram in.

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So cute ... even the chalk board. :)

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