26 June 2012

A Pin Test: #1 Shape's Whiten Toenails Tip

image via Shape Magazine

I decided to add a new feature to kalanicut and I'm calling it A Pin Test. Do you ever wonder if anyone has ever actually tried the advice and projects you see on Pinterest? Do you pin things that sound like a good idea without ever actually checking the link out or reading what it's actually about? I will confess yes, although I am pretty good about going back and checking the original sources for things. I thought I'd start out with the toenail whitening advice from Shape Magazine. This tip was contributed by Roxanna Sarmiento, a beauty and style writer and blogger at everydaytreats.com.

You basically make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Paint it onto your toes and let it sit. The article said five minutes would do. After somewhere around 10 minutes I washed it off. The toenails were getting there but still a little discolored from nail polish. I did a little toenail sprucing up, trimming etc. Then I decided to repeat the process.

I was very pleased with the results. My nails looked pretty and white. My feet are a little shy about appearing on a global blog, but I am happy to report that they looked fantastic. I would definitely try this again. Next I conditioned my toenails with a nice cuticle moisturizer.

Your toes will feel tingly clean afterwards and  your nails will look fresh and healthy. If you like to go with no polish on the feet this will help keep them pretty and shiny.Have you tried this? How did it work for you? Any additional advice you would add? Please share in the comments section below.


Jenn said...

I love this idea for a series! And, this is a great tip. My toenails are get so stained each year by the time summer is over ... they could use a little tlc!

Kelly said...

I am so excited by this series. Can't wait to see what passes the Kalani sanity-check.

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