04 June 2012

Sprucing Up An Inspiration Meditation Shelf

I was dusting in my room last week and saw this little shelf. It's gone downhill a bit. It was meant to be a little meditation spot, a place to gather things that make me happy, remind me of what is important, a place to bring calming & focus. Once there was more style and organization going on there but I must have moved some items somewhere else.

On the shelf there is a photo of me and my sister with my parents when we were tiny, a favorite photo from a much loved trip to Mexico, shells & a small bowl sent to me from a blog friend on Australia's Indian Ocean coast, a candle, a wood heart and some rocks with the most amazing water holes carved into them.

Well, just by looking at it you can see that this certainly was not looking very inspiring, this poor shelf. It felt a little disgraceful that this spot was supposed to represent something beautiful. So I did a little shopping in my house and found a tray that seemed like it might help.

I gathered everything neatly on this tray which contrasted so well against the dark shelf and I knew something good was happening. Suddenly these items combined neatly on the tray felt more like they went together and meant something as a whole.

It seemed like it could still use a little something. So I added my Heath Ceramics jar I got a few months ago at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. More progress, but it still wasn't quite right. Then I thought about my plants that needed trimming and how some of those leaves would be just right in the jar.

There now. That felt so much better. It was more cohesive, more living, more colorful, more balanced. Now it's a place I will gladly let my eyes wander when I need a moment of peace and quiet reflection. I'll light the candle tonight and take a moment to reflect on my new shelf and all the great things in my life that it reminds me of.

images by kalanicut

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