13 July 2011

Give Girls A Chance To Be Sports Fans

Last Friday afternoon I mentioned to The Man the idea of going to a Dodgers game. Friday nights are the best nights to go because every Friday they have a big fireworks show after the game. We checked out ticket options and saw that we could get some great discounts and a few hours later we were on our way.

I will confess that over the summer I've been slowing introducing The Bug to the Dodgers on the radio and on TV, hoping she'd take interest. Having her own pink ball and bat and heading to the park for a little batting practice with Dad helped too. She and The Man have also taken a little batting practice in the house, which is always a little sketchy. I try to look the other way.

When I was three years old I started going to college basketball games with my dad. It was fun. I still remember we'd buy a giant, crisp, red apple, some licorice and sometimes popcorn and climb high up into the rafters to watch the games. I watched the game a bit, but there was so much more to look at too. I might have squirmed around a bit, but I never got bored. I still remember a bit from those early days and happily have some of my favorite growing up memories following college football and basketball with my dad. In fact I still frequently call him up after a Saturday game to see how the game was or compare notes.

So I had high hopes that Friday night she would take at least some interest and last at least three innings before getting squirmy, exclaiming boredom or falling asleep. She did not disappoint. She cheered through the entire game, made every effort dance her way onto the big screen in the ball park, joined every chant, screamed for every good play and in the end was jumping up and down in my arms when the Dodgers won on the final out in the top of the 9th inning. When it was time to go she said, "I want to stay here forever!"

Yesterday we were on a walk and she started doing Dodgers cheers. Last night she watched a little of the All-Star Game with me, cheering "Let's go, Dodgers. (Clap-clap) Let's go!

I grew up in an all girl family, but our dad still took us to sporting events. We all ended up playing a lot of sports and living an active lifestyle. Going to ball games isn't just for Dads and boys, it's great for dads and daughters and moms too. There are so many great discounts out there and every ballpark has tickets in a wide range of prices. It's a great way to expose kids to sports and community spirit - and to spend a few hours together with family. And if the kiddos catch the sporting spirit, it's a big score. We'll definitely be heading back to Dodger Stadium again this season and as always looking for fun things to do together around our own city.

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Terry said...

I think that's awesome. My dad used to take me to hockey games all the time when I was young and now I am a diehard Bruins fan. Hubby and I go to as many games as we can manage and it's a great night out. And for your daughter -- Go Dodgers. :)

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