06 July 2011

Parks & Recreation - An Amazing Backyard View

A few years ago, the city my parents live in, bought the pastures behind their house and created the most beautiful city park. In the late 1800s this land was a local amusement-recreation park. If only this modern day version had been around when we were kids. What a beautiful wonderland.

In the photo below can you see the outline of an Indian maiden lying on her back across the top of this mountain? Her feather headdress starts just below the tree branch on the right side of the shot. Her feet are at the left edge of the mountain. Here is the legend of this Indian maiden in the mountain - scroll down to the Legend section.

If you want to read the full story see it here. It's a stunningly beautiful mountain, isn't it? Whenever I see this mountain it melts my heart a bit. This is the view I looked at every day when I was a little child. Dreamy. Here's another beautiful view.

Usually by this time of year there are just a few small patches of snow on the mountains. You can tell there was a long winter and cool spring with so much snow still there. Below is another gorgeous view from the park. More favorite mountains. Doesn't a big field like that just make you want to run and do cartwheels?

Gorgeous views like this tempt a city girl. But when it's 100 degrees and there are mosquitoes, that puts a question mark on that. Especially once she gets back to her ocean breezes and temperate climate. But it sure is lovely and a fantastic spot for a game of catch, a wander with family or friends, a swing or slide or a lovely nap, I love that there is a renewed consciousness for green, outdoor spaces and for saving historic sites. I have to think that the pioneers who created this park would be tickled pink to see it today. Do you have any favorite parks near where you live or where you grew up?

Happy Wednesday, friends. Sending you my fondest wishes. 


Kelly said...

What a beautiful mountain -- now I really want to go see it for myself (maybe after it cools off a bit). This seems like such a special place to grow up. I hope you had fun with your family and finally made it back home safely. :-)

Cam said...

gorgeous pictures!

abeachcottage said...

What a beautiful place. Lovely pics too. Thanks so much for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.

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