15 July 2011

Cameras Love The End Of The Day

The end of the day really is a phenomenal time to take photos. On a wander through Old Town San Diego this week the lighting was quite magical. It was lovely to take some time out for a couple of hours of walking with The Man and The Bug.

Summer is in full bloom, the sky was blue, the clouds fluffy and the lighting just perfect. Two fantastic musicians were playing in the courtyard and The Man was kind enough to encourage me to buy the CDs they were selling. The artist was Mario Olivares and the music was instrumental and so perfect for a summer night. I'm listening to the CD Festival now while I write this setting the perfect tone for my work.

There were languages from all over the world being spoken around us. Couples walking hand in hand, small children running and yelling, parents with their teenage children all looking a little tired and shell shocked from long-term exposure to each other in an unfamiliar geographic setting. It was the dinner hour and people had relaxing and eating on the agenda. It was all very entertaining and peaceful.

Brought back lovely memories from our visit last summer. You can read about it here. The gardens here are so very of the moment style wise with gorgeous succulents everywhere. I wrote a post about the gardens here. I have to say this year they are even more beautiful.

I also wrote a post last year about The Urban Seed, a favorite store there. Click the link to see and read about it. I noticed this visit that there were "no photos" signs posted all over the store. I'm quite certain I didn't see those there last year, but apparently there has sadly been an incident of some sort.

If you visit Old Town San Diego, don't miss the Mormon Battalion museum. The short tour is very family friendly and interactive. You'll be caught by surprise from the first moments. Learn the story of some of San Diego's earliest settlers. After the tour, they have fantastic kid-friendly activities, some which cost money in other areas of Old Town.

Don't miss a chance to take an old fashion family photo, pan for gold, pump an old well and climb the tower for a beautiful view overlooking Old Town. I was impressed to realize the tower has an elevator and is accessible to all. Another important note for anyone who travels regularly, you will appreciate their very clean bathrooms and drinking fountains.

Hope you enjoy this colorful little tour of Old Town San Diego. One of the things I love about San Diego is that there are so many fantastic things to do and places to see and they are all within just minutes of each other. It's one of my favorite places. Hope you have a terrific weekend and some time to enjoy the colors of the world wherever you are.

images by kalanicut

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My best friend was vacationing in San Diego this week. This area you visited looks so fun.


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