08 July 2011

Anthropologie Inspired DIY

I saw this very fresh display at Anthropologie last year and as I was looking through some of my old photos I saw it again and my brain went crazy thinking of all the cool applications you could do like this.

The easiest way to make something like this, in any pattern or color, is probably to buy a clear Lucite box, make an adhesive pattern and then spray paint the inside of the box with several coats of paint, then remove the adhesive stencil. Of course I immediately thought of doing something with bright orange paint, although so many colors would be so spectacular. I can see lots of options for the kitchen, bathroom, nursery or kids room.

I think lighting the box could be really fun too. There are a few ways you could do that using different bulb and wiring options. Wouldn't it be fun to have these casting a warm glow across your kitchen after the day's work was done. So charming. Another option would be to do house numbers and hang it near the front door of a home.

If you made one of these what would you create, where would you put it? It's another fun idea to tuck into my file of future DIY projects. I'm on a bit of a DIY diet at the moment because I just don't need anything. I have plenty of good decor already, just need to maximize it and enjoy it. Someday I'll have just the right place for one of these and I'll go for it.

image by kalanicut

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