03 December 2014

Family Holiday Gift Ideas

Well we are fully into the holiday season, aren't we. Hooray for that. It's amazing how much cheerier everything seems with a few decorations and a little more neighborly holiday spirit around. Today I thought I'd share some gift ideas for the family.

I think the best gifts my little family can get are gifts that involve activities we can all do together. So in that spirit, here are some family gift ideas that may or may not be on our list this year. (Have to keep a little suspense until Dec. 25!)

(image via WestMarine)

Bodyboards : The kiddo is a total fish at the beach. She is fearless and this is a great way to get her out in the water with us. Now if I could just keep up with her. With boards in sizes for the entire family this is a great investment towards family time if you live near the ocean. I think as a mom it's easy to get stuck at the one on the shore with the little kids or taking care of all the belongings. I'm trying to break out of that and be right there with them in the water.

image via Xootr

Scooters: Another fun and active activity the whole family can participate in. They make some really cool scooters for grown ups these days. Here's a post I wrote on a favorite, Xootr.

image via REI

Bikes: Leave no family member behind, there is a bike seat, trailer or cycle for every member of the family. If you want some inspiration on biking as a family read about this mom of six who gave up her car to cycle Portland with her kids in tow. I imagine she has amazing calves! On a one-speed cruiser bike I have pedaled with (and completely for) our kiddo all over our busy urban city. It's doable, saves gas, and again builds muscle.

image via REI

Kayaks: This is getting into the more expensive, lifetime investment category but kids of any age would love to float on lakes and gentle rivers and oceans with their parents. So much to see and what kid doesn't love water. Backpacks, tents and hydration packs would also make great gifts for the family that encourage family time together outside.

 It has been pouring rain here in Los Angeles. I always say it either comes as mist or buckets full and it's been both in the past couple of days. But how festive it was to go out and see everyone bundled in rain gear and umbrellas. It made singing Christmas carols in the car feel a little more authentic than when it's sunny and 80 degrees.

I'm finally buying myself a pair of real rainboots this week. I've talked about it too much and not done it. After reading the winter weather report for Los Angeles it looks like it's going to be a rainy one and I don't want to ruin any more shoes. More details to come. They deserve a post of their own...I'm not buying any of the pairs I've talked about here before, but I'm hoping this pair I did find will do the trick.

Of course it's still warm enough to have all the windows open but hey, we'll take any variation in the weather we can get after the scorcher of a year we've had here...and heavens knows we need to moisture.

One of the reasons we do love it here is because we have year-round opportunities to be outside in gorgeous weather. I'm excited that we've put a really fun family gift on our Santa's list this year. Can't wait to see what appears in our stockings on Christmas morning.

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