29 December 2014

Now Is My Time #57: Saying Goodbye To 2014

It's the official end of Now Is My Time 2014. Hard to imagine it's been an entire year already. That went by fast. If I am really going to honor the goals and progress I've made this year, it's critical that I take some time this week to look back and to evaluate how it all went.

Sharing this all with you here on the blog has really helped me to stay focused. I knew that each Monday I needed to evaluate where I was, where I needed to grow and make plans to accomplish those things.

I've had some great support along the way and I have been most grateful for that. The greatest lesson of this year has been that better self care means better life in every way - and it does not have to take time or attention away from other big priorities. When you take good care of yourself you are able to do things more efficiently and be happier and more energetic throughout the day.

I don't think Now Is My Time truly ever ends because it is my lifelong responsibility to keep myself healthy and strong of body, spirit and mind throughout my life. But I will always remember this year and it will inspire me going forward as I continue to grow and learn.

Being the best I can be is the foundation for my new theme for 2015 which I can't wait to introduce to you next Monday. In the past ten days some pretty amazing new opportunities have shaken things up around here and we are looking forward to some big, new adventures in the next few weeks and the coming year. I will look forward to telling you about those in the new year as well.

Hope you've had a wonderful holiday season and that the year to come will be a great one for you and yours!

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