22 December 2014

Now Is My Time #56: Final Christmas Preparations

Hi Friends. Hope this finds you well. I have been away for a week, which was not expected. There have been a few other unexpected things jammed into the past ten days along with a few big things that were already on the schedule. Today is my regrouping day. I have a lot of Christmas preparations that have been put on the back burner the past two weeks. So it's time to scramble and make sure all is happy and bright with our family Christmas celebrations this year -- and it's time to focus on how I spend my time with my family.

Even though I was sick, I had a great weekend with The Man, just the two of us here at home. It was quiet, easy and restful. I am enjoying a slow morning in a hoody and sweatpants, home alone for the day and night. This is indeed a very rare occurrence. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today, full sunshine with windows and screen doors wide open.

Our first holiday family guest arrived at the airport about an hour ago. The Man is hosting a couple of days away so they won't appear here until Wednesday. That gives me today and tomorrow to get the house ready for guests and do at least a little baking.

It does feel like one must do a little baking over the holidays. My mom and grandmother both always had a table full of goodies to give to neighbors and friends and to snack on during the week of Christmas. I need to carry on that tradition in at least a small way.

When I think of doing things that enrich my life and make me happy, taking time to establish and carry on family holiday traditions that I enjoy is important. This is also fulfilling my Now Is My Time goals to be conscientious about how I spend my time and to do things that make me happy, relaxed and grateful for my life.

The Man was feeling very motivated this weekend and spent the entire weekend doing organization and deep cleaning projects around the house. He was unstoppable. While I would've like to see him rest a little more, I am so grateful for all the work he did. He has to be tired today. Thankfully Christmas week is generally not too demanding in the workplace. So that leaves me bathrooms and general light cleaning and straightening to do in the next couple of days.

Next week my family will be here and I believe there will be some Disneyland days sprinkled in there somewhere. So I will take some time off from here, perhaps with a visit or two sprinkled in. I send you wishes for a very happy holiday season wherever you may be.

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