14 July 2014

Now Is My Time #26: Rest Builds Energy & Enthusiasm

I'm half done with my year of Now Is My Time initiative. You can learn more about Now Is My Time here. It is basically a goal I set for myself this year to make taking great care of myself my top priority so that I was a better me in all facets of my life.

After a recent vacation I can say that getting away is great for the soul, great for self care and great for the creative mind. It was wonderful to take time to enjoy and appreciate things we often miss in our busy days. I had moments to drink in big, beautiful views like this one above from a high hilltop and others from mountainsides.

I appreciated small things in all their splendor.

I admired old and nearly forgotten creations backed by big, blue skies and settings that reminded me so much of my childhood.

The smell of alfalfa growing, being cut and baled was so familiar, strong and heavenly for a while... until I couldn't take the itchy eyes and runny nose any longer. When we finally left the beautiful farm country, as much as I love it, I was a little bit glad to lose the allergy symptoms. But still, so beautiful.

I appreciated our beautiful world on foot, by car, in a canoe and raft.


Along with all that beauty, we made new friends, tried new things, rested and put cares of home aside. I came back feeling energized. My soul felt renewed and inspired. I came home ready to tackle challenges and wanting to try new projects and to live life a little differently. I felt more adventurous and more at peace. There were so many things to enjoy and love about our trip, but the one that surprised me most was coming home feeling excited about life and ready for change. 

Downtime, quiet time, rest time, time away from our daily cares is so good for us and sometimes we forget that. This trip taught me that lesson in new ways and I want to keep incorporating those lessons into my life on a regular basis. I want less feeling run down, tired and discouraged and more feeling excited, adventurous, fearless and brave. Leaving the comfort of home gave me all those things and more. I am going to take more adventures so that I can feel this way on a regular basis.

What lessons do you take away from time away from home? Is there anything you've pushed yourself to do to feed your adventurous, brave self?

all images by kalanicut

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