15 July 2014

It's July -- Let Knitting Season Begin

Knitting pattern "The Burton Bear Cowl" by Thevelvetacorn at Etsy
image via Elle Dekoration

On Friday July 11 I officially got the annual knitting bug. It's the time when it's become hot to the point of uncomfortable and I start thinking about how nice fall will feel. That reminds me that if I want to make anything to wear for fall or gifts for others, now would be a great time to start working on those projects.

It's also a great time to start working on Christmas projects. I should start gathering ideas. Over the past few years I feel like gift giving has sort of slipped around here, thoughtful, creative gift giving. So I would like to amp that up again and start making real keepsake gifts, rather than getting stuck buying gifts that you just hope the receiver wants and isn't just clutter for them.

Let's save Christmas gifts for another time and get back to knitting. That reminds me that my sister wanted to take me to a great knitting shop a friend of hers owns last week while we were together and we didn't do it. Darn. Next time.

I thought I would share some knitting inspirations from my Pinterest board Knit and Pearl.

1) The Burton Bear Cowl (seen above)


2) Eternity Scarf From Scraps: From the blog Conifilo.

Bandana Cowl - the purl bee

3) Bandana Cardigan from Purl Bee.

scarf for beatrice, hannah, mom, courtney, jordi, sydney, lyss, jodi, meghann and clauds

4) Scarf. This giant knitting stuff just totally intrigues me!


5) Turtleneck Nordic Poncho-Capelet previously found on Dewanda.

 HiKoo Pine Bough Cowl (Free)

I have a feeling I'll be picking up a knitting project soon. It's such a good, peaceful activity. Maybe this is the year to teach The Bug to knit. She's been weaving rubber band bracelets like crazy lately so I think she would get the concept. We'll see how it goes.

Do you get knitting fever or holiday gift making vibes in the summer time? What feeds your fancy at this time of year?

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