10 July 2014

A Refreshing Visit To The Mountains

image by The Bug

We are back after some time in the mountains. It was fantastic to be "off the grid" somewhat and I have to confess that I didn't miss having a phone on me 24/7 and being so tied into the electronic world. It was fun to just be able to interact with people, face-to-face and enjoy nature.

We had the chance to hike, canoe, river raft and eat S'mores and all those good outdoorsy things. We also got a lot of mosquito bites, had a chance to watercolor out in nature and just live a quieter life for a while. We spent most of the week with two other families we were matched up with and they turned out to be dear friends by the end. We miss them. The entire experience was so good for every soul.

The watercolor time on one of our hikes was serious inspiration for me to do more painting. The images of those mountains will inspire me for a while yet. Later this week I'll share my little watercolor I did.

I thought today I would share this little piece of art The Bug created on our drive home on the iPad. We kinda went ga-ga for its modern take on the gorgeous mountains we had just left. We are seriously considering figuring out a way to enlarge and frame it. I'm in the mood for modern and this is beyond sentimental for us too. This is what a sunset behind the mountains and lake looked and felt  like. A sight to behold.

It's nice to come home with some fresh energy and inspiration. I appreciate the new friendships we made and the great experiences our little family was able to have together. Even though I'm tired today from the adventures, and just getting resettled and back in the groove, it feels good to be home. I am looking forward to some fun new blog posts and projects to come. Hope you've been well. Look forward to catching up with you here again soon.

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We were just away for a few days, too. Much needed change of pace.


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