01 July 2014

Fashionable Outdoor And Travel Pants

As I was packing for a little adventure recently I realized a little too late that I really needed some lightweight outdoor travel/hiking pants. The fabulous kind that hide dirt, keep you cool, wick water and have four-way stretch so you can move. That lead me on a pretty desperate last minute hunt and a quick lesson in what is available out there that is a lot more stylish than they once were.

I thought I would share four pairs of lightweight travel pants that give camping and trekking a fresh new look.

I like these because the convertible isn't super short "man-looking" shorts but instead a pretty nice just below the knee capri cut. The waistband detailing is nice, so much better than elastic with a pull-tight nylon belt like one would find on outdoors pants in the 90s.

This is another pair of Prana pants. The Man is crazy for Prana brand pants and the greatest laugh I've had in a long time was reading the online reviews for men's Prana pants where man after man (we're talking pages and pages of reviews) gush about how much they love their Prana pants and say they would wear the same pair every day if people didn't notice.

A lot of the guys say Prana are the only pants they wear now. That is definitely the case at our house. These pants don't come cheap but people are passionate about Prana pants and I have seen that they hold up well to all kinds of abuse, keep their shape and are super practical for an active lifestyle.

This is a new to me brand I found on Zappos. I really like the cuts and styling and the online reviews for these pants are positive too. These babies look comfortable.

These are pants you could wear to all sorts of occasions and are more travel than hiking. But they look great, come in a multiple color options.

All these pants are easy wash, fast drying so you could easily rinse them out, hang them up overnight and be ready to wear them again the next morning if you needed to. The comfort stretch material means you could wear them for long hours without dying to change into something else. They are also abrasion resistant, stain resistant and made to take the abuse of travel.

No more camping in cotton denim with all the great new options for comfort, easy care and built to last capabilities. They roll up easily and are easy to pack too so more room in your backpack or suitcase for treasures.

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