25 July 2014

Get A Jumpstart On Fall Fashion Now

images via Boden

It's hot, it's the middle of summer. The last thing you want to be thinking about is sweaters, boots, wool pants and scarves. But it's the perfect time to wrap your head around what's going to be hot for the cool fall season. This is just a little reminder that summer clothing is on clearance and the fall deliveries are beginning to appear on store shelves around the country.

All the shops in the US are starting to roll our their new fall shipments and will continue to over the next few weeks. Best selections are available now so it's a good time to stock up on some distinctive favorites like a great coat or jacket. If you have an hard-to-find size this is an especially good time to go on the hunt for favorite fall wear like boots and blazers. Those sizes go fast! Hard to find sizes may be easier to find online and are so much easier to troll for from the comfort of your own couch, bed or desk.

Here are a few favorites from Boden's fall line for 2014. I always like checking out their distinctly British take on the four seasons best looks. Maybe you'll find some inspiration here too. I've seen some great blazers coming out for fall at different retail sites.

For those of us in warmer climates this is also a perfect time to take advantage of fantastic deals for clothes we can wear year-round. It's the ideal time to buy sandals and short sleeve shirts on clearance. If you have a family to dress it is also a great time to load up on family basics you can save for next summer like swimsuits, shorts and tees - as well as summer toys. Swimsuits can be crazy expensive at the beginning of the season but great deals are available as fall rolls in.

So get out there and shop, whether it's window shopping or spending a few well placed dollars. Having some inspiration for Fall 2014 fashions will perhaps make it a little easier to face those cooling temps when you are excited to start layering, pulling on a sweater or new boots. Happy shopping!

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