31 March 2014

Now Is My Time #13: New Prayer Wishes

I've been looking at my old Prayer Wish Jar that has been so special to me over the past few years. You can read all about the history of the Prayer Wish Jar here. I also have a Little Jar With Big Wishes and a 2014 Jar of Wishes too.

The Prayer Wish Jar was a place to write a nightly visualization prayer where I "saw" a challenging and stressful situation resolve and leave our lives. Now that the situation I was visualizing has really come to fruition for the most part and that situation is much less stressful for us, I felt like I was ready to say goodbye to those prayers with gratitude and appreciation that they were answered over time and that those things we prayed for have happened mostly.

So I took a moment to recognize the blessings and then dumped all the pretty prayers written on such colorful, cheerful paper into my trash can. I instagrammed it and you can see it here. Then I gave the old fishbowl a good washing. Ahhh, all clean and ready for new prayer wishes. I think it's time to start Prayer Wishing some great things for our family. I'm thinking about more adventures and some new things we need. Our old prayers were to remove sorrowful situations, my new prayers I want to be all about joyful things to come. Out with the old, in with the new.

I decided to let the bowl sit empty for a while. I liked the look of anticipation it kept giving me as I thought about what would go into that bowl now and what a happy place it would be full of happy wishes written on beautiful strips of paper.

Last week after a frustrating conversation I knew it was time to add a new and powerful wish to the jar. I know how I want this situation to resolve itself and I've put it out there. I even meditated the conversation I want to have when the situation is resolved. So I'm putting it out there with full force and very positive energy.

I cut a bunch of paper strips in lovely spring colors so they are all ready for me. I'm looking forward to starting new thoughts for new things to come. We're ready to say goodbye to a lot from the past few years and ready to open up new adventures. It will be fun to see this jar fill up with happy new wishes for days to come.

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