17 March 2014

Now Is My Time #11: Fun Outings Alone

As part of my Now Is My Time self-care plan for 2014 I have been trying to incorporate a couple fun outings each week to give myself something to look forward to and motivate myself. Every once in a while a girl needs a good thrift store wander and a little TLC. It seems like Fridays are the day that my "Holy smokes I need a pedicure!" alarm goes off. And as we all know Fridays are the busiest, most crowded day at the nail salon. That also is the day when the most annoying people are there yakking away on their cell phones telling long drawn out stories about a guy they've been dating for 20 years who they are still hoping will marry them or other such stories that make you want to risk screwing up your drying polish to go over and take the phone from their hands, disconnect the call then shake them by the shoulders and say, "He is never going to marry you. Move on before you die miserable!!!!" It's also the day gal pals go in together and talk loudly next to you and mothers and daughter snip at each other and argue the entire time they are out on their Mother/daughter day together.  The technicians are in a rush, so you're likely getting an inferior mani/pedi to make it all worse.

So I try to sneak away first thing in the morning on a weekday. Last Thursday I had plans to run off for a much needed hour of relaxation. I went for it and got the shoulder massage and extra hand massage too. I figure it's the least I can get since I am always giving massages to my family to help keep them healthy and well, the chakras spinning in the right direction and the toxins moving out of their bodies.

After a very relaxing hour of TLC I left with much prettier hands and feet - buff the fingernails, paint the toenails is my style. Then I decided to walk across the street to the hated thrift store which shall remain nameless. It had been a while since I'd been in and I must confess that we have gotten some good things, especially kids clothes there over the years. But their prices are still ridiculous and I would never even consider buying a piece of furniture there - overpriced by about 200 percent all the time.

Apparently there must've been a newby on the pricing gun last week because it's stunning that this clock I picked up was not priced higher than the cost of the same item new at Ikea. I found this modern and stylish Piro clock at the potentially under-priced cost of just $2.99. Revenge is mine!

My new clock is hanging to the left of my computer in my work space. It's nice to not have to work so hard to find out what time it is. It's big and bold and right at eye level now. I love simple things and this clock is simple and stylish and that makes it quite perfect for my world. Thanks evil thrift store for not being quite so evil on my visit.

It was so refreshing to come home having let my creative energies stew with each section of goods at the thrift store. Although overpriced I did see a set of great nightstands, which we need - the ones we have are just too small. They were plenty for one single girl but for two readers who both need a lot of light the one's we currently have are just too tiny. We need double or triple the tabletop space. I also saw a great square mid-century side table that I imagined would be so gorgeous painted white. I also came upon a tiny curtain panel that I had absolutely no use for that had the most beautiful printing and embroidery on it. Floral, simple and yet very modern. I do brainstorm uses for interesting things all throughout the store so it's always a good exercise to keep my creativity a little sharper.

I was so happy when I got home and was glad I'd done something for myself. It makes doing the must-do activities so much easier when you've fed your soul. That's my goal for this year and so far, it's changing my life and increasing my feelings of fulfillment, peace, calm and happiness about my life. Those are good things!

image by kalanicut

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