24 March 2014

Now Is My Time #12: Looking Back Inspires Path Ahead

After I went through my big bookcase last week I decided to leave out the large and bulky photo albums from my previous years as a world adventurer. I thought The Bug would like to look through them and I thought it was about time I peeked at them again, it's been a few years.

The Bug looked at them last week and on Friday I had planned a quiet morning after a big week and took some time in my pajama pants, tee shirt and sweater to sit back on the couch and relive some good memories. I found two photos that especially touched me. I think because I remember so clearly how happy I was in these two photos and how good it felt to be out in the world.

This photo was taken on a balcony of a house we stayed at in Tulum, Mexico. A young couple, Roberto and Patricia built this simple concrete circle house right on the beach. On the second story they built two rooms to rent for lodging. The bottom floor was all concrete with windows and the upper floor walls were made of sticks placed vertically in the concrete wall with a big, high palapas roof overhead. The sound of the surf was so loud through those walls that we did not know there was anyone lodging in the room next door until the following day when we ran into the lodger there.

This little house was built nine miles down a crazy, ripped up dirt road. It was quite a journey getting there in a tiny Chevy Pop not built for off-roading. But it was a wonderful place to stay. This was towards the end of our trip so relaxation had totally taken over, tans were set and the stresses of home were, at least temporarily, long forgotten. Mother Nature's influence, the fresh air, sunshine, good food and laid back lifestyle had clearly possessed my soul. A good day. I like remembering myself so happy, at peace and so far from home on such a lovely adventure.

This photo was taken about ten months earlier in Edinburgh, Scotland. I remember feeling so refreshed after climbing Arthur's Seat. The stiff wind made it impossible not to be full of fresh air and clear thoughts. The company was good. The colors of nature were amazing. Even being bundled up in a big sweater, jeans and boots felt good that day. It was a magical life moment in nature for sure.

Finding these photos made me think of my Now Is My Time project for this year. I know that right now is not my best season for world traveling with a kiddo in school and a husband often gone for work. But, I can still have these days close to home. I live in an area rich and ripe for wonderful outdoor activities, great ocean and mountain breezes and year round access to the outdoors.

I want more photos of my sweet face looking so very pleased and relaxed about life! Just looking at these pictures brings a wave of happiness over me. It's one thing to have a physical photo on paper, but to have that photo emblazoned in your soul, where you can carry the look and feel of that moment with you forever is priceless.

I can still plan for future world adventures when the season of my life is a little more adaptable to it. I certainly have a family well-suited for exploration, seasoned travelers and eager adventurers for sure. Our time for world travels will come someday. I took photos of these printed pictures so that I can carry them on my computer and maybe even on my phone. Now that they are digital I can keep them close and always remember who I am, an adventure girl, and as a reminder to keep seeking adventures. Now is my time to feed my adventurous soul and keep her alive and well.

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