11 March 2014

A Pin Test #21: Art Supply Caddy

This Pin Test is inspired by several different toilet tissue roll projects on Pinterest. After staring at a disorganized box of all shapes of pens, pencils and art supplies, I thought this was a fantastic idea. I don't know why but once we made these Halloween art projects with toilet paper rolls we ended up continuing to collect toilet paper rolls. So we had a big stack ready for this project.

First, let me share with you the inspiration projects. My favorite is this polkadot version by Capree at Curbly.com. There is also a Goodnight Moon version here. This one is a tiered system, cutting the toilet paper rolls in various heights to accommodate a variety of art supplies.

I used a box from one of the many holiday gifts that arrived at our house in December. I cut the top flaps off with scissors. Then decorated the outside with some pretty paper and a favorite wide ribbon. I apologize the ribbon looks a little weird in the photo. It was still a little wet with glue and I didn't have time to put off photographing it if I was going to get this posted. So lame but this is a real life blog, there's no fancy staff doing photo shoots here. Haha. Real life confessions. I am hoping that it dries and looks a little better.

Next I arranged the toilet tissue cardboard rolls in the box so that they fit tightly but were not so tight that they would crush each other. Then I started sorting out our junk pencil box putting colored pencils together in one roll, plain pencils in another. I also realized I would have a few shorter items, like glue sticks. So using some of the flaps I cut off the box, I cut a strip of cardboard about two inches high and wide enough to roll up and stuff in the bottoms of some of the toilet paper rolls. That way I created a few rolls with only partial depth so that I could put glue sticks, sharpeners and other items in that are between two and three inches tall and would drop to the bottom of the rolls and be impossible to see. Kid scissors fit into these tubes perfectly too, so this system really does work for a wide range of craft/art supplies.

The Bug was excited when I surprised her with this new way to actually be able to see her art supplies without rummaging through a box buried several inches deep with stuff. I can only imagine this will relieve a lot of frustration digging through that box to find things. It's so nice to be able to actually see what was inside that box finally.

Best of all I like that this home organization project didn't cost anything to make. I did not go to an expensive home organization store and spend twenty dollars on a plastic molded organizer. Yay! I already had all the supplies and it only took a few minutes to put together. Being able to DIY it at no cost is a big win. So this is another Pin Test win that I think would work for anyone. Everyone has writing instruments in their house. This way you can actually see them and find them quickly. It's not just for kids.

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