15 November 2013

Gift Wrap Class 1: Holiday Gift Wrapping History

I just realized that I never shared with you about my gift wrap class last week. I was already on my way into the full flu that day and I ran to teach the class and then came home to spend the next five days in bed. By the end of this week, the gift wrap class seems like it was a world ago. But there was so much pretty to share I have to recap!

I am going to break the posts down just as I outlined the class. One of the things I did was make these graphics introducing each topic of my class. Love a good pinecone, the woodgrain and red and white for Christmas. These really feel like me so very much that they make me happy just to look at them. I was whipping them out at the last minute just before the class, but I think they brought the whole thing together and made it feel cohesive.

Today I will tell you a little about my gift wrap experience. When I was asked to teach the class I started thinking about my past experiences gift wrapping. I had never put it all together to realize I really do have a gift wrap history and story.

In college I worked at a chocolate factory and spent hours wrapping boxes of chocolates to sell at holiday time. It was quite a good set up they had and you could whip out perfectly wrapped boxes quite quickly. Here I learned how to make pretty, square edges on wrapped boxes and to do it quickly.

About the same time a friend hired me to wrap her all the holidays gifts for her family. There were a lot of gifts! Great experience and a lot of fun. I started thinking quite seriously about this time about my gift wrapping and became quite detailed and intricate in my wrapping efforts. Stunning perfection was my goal. Looking back now I think I was overdoing it a bit back them.

I was also hired by the CEO of a newly booming company to help organize a holiday executives retreat Santa surprise. He took the management team to a beautiful mountain resort and while the group was dining, "elves" sneaked into each room and left an extensive display of gifts from Santa.

It was a major undertaking and pretty amazing to wrap all those gifts, keep track of them all and complete Santa's deliveries during the dinner event. Intense! Just shopping for ribbons, bows, paper and tape to wrap hundreds of boxes was like being a kid in a candy store. Each room had a different decorating theme and style. It was fun to gather ornaments and little natural elements to decorate each room. That was quite the experience and as I remember it was well below zero as we were doing the deliveries in snow the two years I helped with this event. What a great experience.

Since them I have done a lot of gift wrapping for myself and others. Almost every year my mom or my dad will recruit me to wrap stuff the night just before Christmas. I have changed my style and gift wrap philosophy over the years but have always loved wrapping gifts. I love giving a pretty wrapped package that the receiver is excited just to look at. There is something very special about that.

I'll post more in coming days all about gift wrap. There's lots more to talk about!

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