18 July 2013

TJ MAXX: My Car Breakdown Sanity Saver

When we experienced a serious car breakdown far from home and from our ultimate destination, I knew I had a few hours to entertain myself before the car would be repaired. How happy I was to see a TJMaxx just across the road! In the end, our delay actually turned out to be overnight plus half a day - sigh.

I knew I could spend a good hour or more wandering around TJMAXX that first night. Even better I'd get some great inspiration for home decor. I found some fantastic things and thought I would share them today. I loved this green jar with the rustic furniture. The furniture wouldn't work for my home now but I can see it in a beautiful little cottage surrounded by trees.

Love the shape and texture of these ceramic lamps. They could work in a cottage environment or in a more formal sleek one too. The would look lovely as bedside tables.

Oatmeal linen is a favorite of mine, a perfect neutral for any space. I love the nailheads too. These pieces would be gorgeous for a calm, neutral space or so perfectly accessorized with a bright, bold, small rectangle pillows. I look forward to the day when I actually have room for a bench at the end of my bed.

These vases are a little odd, but I liked them instantly. There's something very earthy about them and I can see them being a standout accessory in a variety of rooms and uses.

This is a fantastic little bench, but so skinny I'm not sure how you could use it. But the construction and patina were so beautiful. The photo doesn't quite do it justice. But it would make a great statement piece in just the right spot. I can see using it as a picture ledge against a wall for something tall and thin or maybe to display a quilt.

In the past year or so I've learned to appreciate fun pots for my growing plant collection. I think The Man inspired this when he bought a beautiful, big colorful pot for our money tree. As I've been cultivating my own plant cuttings I've been needing more pots. I like these two, they are different and again have a fun, earthy feel to them.

I love this x-leg table, it's a great mix of chic metal and natural wood. Just what I'm in the mood for these days. This would be a fantastic entryway table, perfect for a tray for keys, a vase of flowers or a great potted plant. This table makes me want to move to an urban loft.

It's funny the more I look at these photos the more I really like what I saw at TJMaxx that night. Lately I have really been enjoying looking at things and trying to see if they are really something my personal style is connecting with or just something trendy that catches my eye. I know if I enjoy going back and looking at something over and over again that it's speaking to me. I like learning to be more discerning in my choices and more selective about what I want to bring into my world.

Thanks TJmaxx for the great wander on a bad night in a city I didn't know. It's always good to see an old friend when you are far from home.


Raquel Evangelisti said...

The skinny wooden bench...bought it...beautiful...but had to sell it...regret that...need name of maker if you happen to have it...trying to buy it again

kalanicut said...

Hi Racquel, I didn't buy the bench so I'm not sure of the maker. Wish I could be more help!

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