22 July 2013

Take A Walk, Take A Walk, Take A Walk

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I've been cooped up inside the past week more than I should have, trying to work on some projects. They are "must do" projects not fun projects, which of course makes it worse. I can really tell a big difference in my happiness levels if I don't spend some time out of doors each day.

Sometimes just getting out the door is a challenge. In my last corporate job I really learned the mental health benefits of just taking a walk during the long day. Getting out in the sun does do wonders for the soul. Now days it's so easy to get caught up in the million different little things I do every day that time can really get away from me. The past few days I've been taking lovely bike rides and walk along the water and it has been so good for my soul. I find myself looking out the window, checking out the weather and anxious to get out there and breath in the day.

So that's my challenge to you today, go out and take a walk. It's summer in the northern hemisphere and it won't last long. Enjoy it while it's here. I always feel so sad when I realized I've let the summer get away from me and missed it being busy. I find the sooner I start enjoying it the better, so I have to get out there in May and start doing summer right. I've done pretty well this summer but still feel like I could be doing much better making the most of the season. School will be back in session in just a few weeks and the days will get shorter. So it's a great time to take a walk, in the early morning, during lunch, after work or after dinner.

I was thinking of this song when I titled this post. Okay, now go take a walk.

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