12 July 2013

Beach Photography Before Sunset

images by kalanicut

Let me just start by saying that this has been a terrible no good week. I'll post more about that shortly but I'll just give you a little taste by saying imagine a car breakdown far from home that resulted in an overnight stay and a repair of almost a thousand dollars and news that there still something unrelated to these repairs wrong with the car although it is drive-able. One word I heard that made my heart sink was "transmission" - and I got a new transmission just about four years ago. Sigh.

But let's not dwell on that right now. Let's talk about photography and the early evening hours. It's a magical time to take photos. The lighting it amazing and it's so easy to get photos that almost seem magazine quality. Here are a few favorites from an afternoon yesterday spent at the beach. The beach was quite alive with growth both in the water and out. We needed a hairband, so we grabbed a few pieces of sea grass and crafted our own pretty hair ribbon. I'm envisioning that blue shell fragment as a necklace in the future. We did find amazing shells and had a wonderfully relaxing time -- a great way to at least attempt to recover from the shock of the car situation.

Taking photos in the hours before sunset always gives me an inflated sense that I have a good eye for photography, haha. It's amazing how easily things look so beautifully from shells, to sand to lovely people too.

Here's a link to another great photography day just before sunset. Cameras Love The End of Day. I still remember one day we were at Balboa Park in San Diego just before sunset and there must have been five or more photographers taking engagement photos in the perfect light at the end of the day. It was crazy. But they are definitely onto something. Photos at the end of the day have a special light to them that you can't manufacture.

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