24 June 2016

Don't Take Counsel From Your Fears

Many years ago I heard a college graduation speech that has really stuck with me. The speaker said, "Don't take counsel from your fears." That line has never left me. It has come to my mind many times over the years and it came to my mind yesterday while having lunch with a friend.

We were talking about how much we humans want to control the outcome of everything in life. But them the conversation turned to how much that limits us because we miss out on so much when we hold on to such a tiny pebble as our own expectations. Meanwihle God has an entire mountain he wants to give us but we're so adamant that we don't want anything to upset our expectations that we settle for something small we think we have control of (when we don't and never really do) in favor of anything unexpected and likely super fabulous and a million times better than what our little minds had in store.

Then my friend asked me if I'd written about this on my blog. I didn't know if I'd actually written the title of this blog post, but I did know that I've certainly talked about fear before. When I got home, I started looking back and found this post titled, Fighting Fear. It's a good reminder not to worry about tomorrow. There's a great quote there from author Joe Tye's book Never Quit, Never Fear.

I've been thinking a lot about not taking counsel from my fears, because when you make decisions out of fear they are limited decisions and not the best decisions. Letting go of fear allows us to breathe easier, see more clearly and think more rationally. Who doesn't want to be operating from their clearest, purest self?! I'm trying to remember that as I enter a season of big decisions and I'm grateful I have friends who I can talk about things like this with, who inspire me to live big and dream and aim for the stars!

You can read more about "Don't take counsel from your fears" here.

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