06 June 2016

Piggy And Dirt Stained Glass Stars - Amazing!

Well as I mentioned last week I have been wanting a collection of these stars for a long, long time now. They are made by artist Kurt Knudsen in Utah and I have loved them for eons! Little did I know the "Christmas Morning" experience I would have when the arrived at my door last Friday night. The USPS box was decorated so beautifully, but I would never have imagined all the little details that would follow!

These are the three stars I chose, but let me share with you the journey to my first chance to see them all. It's a lesson in the ultimate customer experience. I was excited about the stars but I will forever remember the experience of unwrapping the stars!

They arrived in a USPS priority box, but the entire box had been decorated with stamps and paper stickers. Just seeing it got me more excited to open the box. It was obvious that the shopkeepers had put some time into the presentation!

After gently cutting the box open and removing a big pile of high quality, protective craft paper, I found this. Beautiful flowers and butterflies with perfectly matching baker's twine and MY NAME stamped all over the wrapping paper. Impressive. Beautiful washi tape in a variety of matching patterns and colors affixed the card and folded edges. I gently continued to unwrap.

 Each star was wrapped in one big continuous piece of craft papers, again stamped, even with a thank you inside with my name stamped there. The piece of craft paper wrapping the stars was probably 10-12 feet long. It was so fun to unravel, look at stamps and then find each star gently wrapped. Talk about making your customers feel special and giving them a totally unique experience. Wow!
I was just awed by the time and care put into every step of the process.

In the small envelope was a signed thank you note and some business cards to share. You can bet I'll be happy to share those business cards and tell anyone who will listen about my experience, their amazing customer service and all the attention to details.

What a happy birthday present! I am looking forward to my next chance to pick up a few more of these beauties. The only hard part about buying stars from Piggy and Dirt at Etsy is trying to decide which ones to buy.

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