13 June 2016

Free Art Downloads Framed

I wanted to share a little more about the art prints I framed and shared last Friday. About the same time I purchased the art prints for my birthday I also got looking at free downloadable art on Pinterest. I found two that I particularly liked and at the same time I printed the Family print I printed them as well.

image via Teepee Girl

I chose this print for the family living areas. Not totally sure where I will put it, but I got a frame similar to the other two prints I framed so they can go near each other or something else in the house. This beautiful work is from teepeegirl.com, artist Chrissy.  If you visit her site, be sure to read her "About Me" story. She has an amazing background. I love the art, I love the quote. Perfect to keep our family encouraged.

Little Retreats.Be Brave.SET
image via little retreats

The second print I found, Be Brave, the pink version was destined for The Bug's room. It's by Brook Meyenberg, of littleretreats.com. So perfect in it's simplicity. I found the ideal, beautiful gold frame to frame it in and it's already been hung on the wall in her room.

These two prints are so beautiful that I feel a little guilty for getting such great art for free, granted I did invest a decent sum in frame and mat, but none of that went to the artists themselves. I hope Brook and Chrissy both know how amazing their work is and how gracious it is to give out a special treat now again for free. Very cool. I definitely want to give them a shout out here and I very much encourage you to follow them on social media! Thanks Brook and Chrissy!!!

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