27 June 2016

Creating A Frosted Glass Window For Privacy

As much as we like the large vertical window next to our front, from a privacy standpoint it fails miserably. A few months ago, out of desperation, The Man cut a piece of fabric and taped it up in the window. While hobbling around in a cast and then on a healing foot for so long, I was fine with that.

But once Memorial Day came and I was significantly more mobile I was just itching to finally get this house in order and decorated. Feeling overwhelmed by the fact we've been living here for six months in a state of survival mode, and like we were living in a construction zone, I thought maybe my best bet would be to just start at the front door and work my way through the house.

Our front entryway, which feels very spacious when you are standing in it, really is not very spacious at all when you try to decorate it. I think the fact that there is a big stairway landing at the end of it and high ceilings gives it a nice, open feeling, but there is absolutely no room for even a small console table or any furniture. So I keep trying to work with it - someday it will feel just right I hope.

The window was one thing I felt I could make better. I definitely knew I didn't want the taped fabric up there. Our two options really were a lightweight curtain hung inside the window frame or some sort of opague glass treatment.

Because our goal was to keep this house very simple, modern and clean, a curtain seems like an added distraction that I didn't want. I also couldn't shake the feeling of a granny lace curtain feeling in the window, which I definitely didn't want. So I talked to The Man about doing a privacy window frost instead.

Because we have a few windows that are very high up in our main hallway that let in beautiful light but have a very unfortunate view of metal ducting on the rooftop, I'd already done some research on vinyl window coverings and found some very cool ones that I thought would work great in this house.

The previous owner had installed two stained glass window panels inside the window pane into two of the five window panels. They didn't match, one was on the far left window and another on the far right window - two spots where there was a particularly ugly view. Then on another of the windows there were minibinds installed. We had to guess that for some reason that window created some sort of lighting issues in one of the rooms in the house, although we still haven't figured out where.

When I went back and looked at modern, hip window vinyls I had saved for future reference, I realized that all the cool patterned styles I'd looked at would not work with our very intricately patterned and beautiful wood front door. After some looking, I realized something very simple and frosted glass was definitely the option I liked best.

I didn't want anything with a lot of glue-y goo on it that would be a nightmare to remove later on if we at some point wanted to do something differently. A static cling option seemed like a great way to go. So I started researching yet again and found this product with good reviews on Amazon. It promised easy application, to be easily removable and provide some UV protection and heat insulation.

It comes in two sizes and since our window was very narrow I was able to buy the smaller size that left me with very little waste. The roll I bought cost $17 which was likely a cost savings to hvae to make a custom drape and buy two rods for the top and bottom of the window.

Application is done with a spray bottle with soapy water. Kiddo helped me with the application. We got the thumbs up from The Man the next day when it had dried and set for a while. We're happy with our new frosted window, it's simplicity and privacy are just what we were looking for.

You might notice the wonderful vintage rug in the hallway. I love it's colors and that it's a bit tattered. It belonged to The Man before we met. He has some amazing rugs he's collected over the years. I'm happy we get to enjoy them. They are all quire unique and with the most lovely color combinations.

I'm on fire to get things done around the house so I'll be sharing a few new house posts in the next couple of weeks.

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