10 June 2016

DIY: Framed Art Prints & Spray Painted Mirror

I have been on fire about creative projects lately, from planting my little herb garden, to buying beautiful birthday gifts for myself, to DIYing up some old things I have around the house. On the side I've also been doing some organizing around the house, learning to cook some new recipes (last week was tuna steak), and we're finally trying to get our big, post-move yard sale planned and executed.

Art Framing Project
Last week after multiple trips to the local craft stores I found the right frames and mats for the new prints I purchased and got those framed. Love how they look and I am really happy with the frames. I needed something clean and modern and in a sea of white washed wood and formal wood frames with gold dustings, it was a tough search.

The gold frame was a quick and easy find and the frame on this one was easy too. As for the other three frames I needed, I found silver ones that I liked and then got them home and got one of the prints completely framed before I realized they were all damaged but you couldn't see it until you took the packaging off. So I had to return them and start the search all over again. When I did find a frame I liked it looked like the store only had one and I needed two more. Luckily I kept searching around and found another stack of them in another section of the frame department.

So what I thought would be a two-hour activity from shopping to finished product ended up taking three evenings instead but in the end I am very happy with the results. I have one other home DIY project that I've been excited to work on.

Mirror Project
I purchased this mirror at a boutique around the year 2000 and have loved it for a long time. For some reason the glass in this mirror always makes a person look very pretty, so it's definitely one to hold on to! But I have been tired with the multi-colored painted flowers around the edge for a while and for a couple of years have debated painting it all one solid color. I thought about white, orange, red -- and then recently I decided to go metallic. So I bought gold spray paint and started spraying. I like it now, but I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with it. DIY comedy.

Photo Booth Project
I also need to work on creating a space where I can have more flexibility for blog photography. I'm thinking about creating an all white backdrop and a chalkboard backdrop. Now I just need a well-lit space to set these up and be able to leave them there. Being able to leave them up all the time might be a bit of a pipe dream, so creating something flexible would probably be best.

Summer Enjoyment
Summer plans, summer camps and travel still need to be finalized as well. There's a lot going on right now. My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary later this summer, so visiting them and spending some time with family is definitely on the books. I'm definitely enjoying having more daylight hours at home with the late summer sunsets but I keep finding myself thinking it's about 7 p.m. when really it's about 10 p.m. Hope that whatever season you find yourself in you are enjoying the best of it!

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