03 August 2015

Good Deals On Great Face Care Products

When I moved a few months ago, my skin went through a bit of a crisis, transitioning from a very warm, humid, coastal climate to a dry, high desert environment. Even though I tried to drink massive amounts of water to help my body adapt, that definitely was not enough.

I was putting lotion on my legs five or six times a day and my skin would really hurt by the end of the day because it was so dry. I felt like my facial skin aged ten years over a few weeks. It was wrinkly and sallow looking. When I would go back to California my skin would look peachy, dewy and bright.

Boy was that discouraging as I was trying to get settled in my our new environment, work and home. Buying high quality skin moisturizing products started getting expensive very quickly when I was using them multiple times a day.

Within my first few months I came upon some great resources that helped turned my dry skin to shiny, dewy and bright. I have to note that part of the change was my body just adjusting to the new climate. I still get noticeably thirsty much more than I did in California and my skin is still drier, but I have definitely adapted some.

Here is my happy, secret resource for some of the best skin care products around. TJMaxx and Marshalls carry some of the best skin care products on the market in their body care departments. I have been trying a variety of products and I can usually pick them up for between $5-10! Such great deals. There is a wide range of products there and they can get expensive but I'm talking about paying $50-ish for products that retail for well over $100.

It's really important to read the labels. I look for products with hyluronic acid, Here's some info on why it's good for you. I also like to look for products with collagen. I like to have an eye cream, age defying product and a good nightime moisturizer. I have also tried a skin brightener which definitely does give morning skin a little pick-me-up.

Having great looking skin feels like a constantly moving target to me. Weather and seasonal changes will affect it. Hormonal shifts will affect it throughout the month. Stress will have an impact. But I love having a variety of products, that are very affordable to keep on hand, to care for my skin in the way it needs each day.

Layering products is the secret solution for me to maintain healthy looking skin. For the first few weeks I layered all my products and it helped get things stabilized. As my skin adapted my mixed and matched what I felt I needed each day. With summer, and sweating more I lightened up on product and tried more to keep my skin clean so that bacteria from the sweat didn't cause breakouts.

I feel like I've taken years off my skin the past couple of months and I've done it in a way that is not breaking the bank. I buy a few of one product if I find one that I like, when I see them in stock. Of course the merchandise at TJMaxx and Marshalls is always changing so you can't always guarantee you'll keep finding a product you like. But that hasn't been a problem for me, it's pretty easy to find something similar.

This is also a great way to experiment to find something you want to commit to long-term without spending a fortune. Then you can look for it in other retail environments or online if it becomes no longer available at these two stores. I'm happy my skin is looking better and that I'm feeling fresher and younger looking in my skin. Here are a few other posts that are all about having healthy, young-looking skin.

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Sending you happiest of wishes!

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