05 August 2015

SHINE: Fit It In Fitness

With a schedule that is getting busier and busier, I am finding lots of fun ways to work in some exercise. Workout bands are definitely part of that. I have two different bands hooked to the footbed of the bed and a yoga mat on the floor there.. Across the room I have dumbbells and a yoga ball.

The Man bought me two workout bands for my office and I bought an extra yoga mat to take there too. I joined the gym in our office building so if I decide to do the yoga class there I have everything I need at work. I'm keeping workout clothes and shoes in the car so if I have a chance to hit the gym anytime I have what I need there.

I bought a real gym bag that will carry a yoga mat, shoes, clothes and even has an insulated drink holder in the side. I will tell you that not having cable, I find I'm spending much longer than expected on the treadmills at the gym because I can watch HGTV on and on and one. If a new show starts I have to keep going until I see the reveal. HGTV is having a great impact on the appearance of my tush. Haha.

Going to the gym away from Los Angeles is much easier. Less crowded, quicker in and out, shorter drive, easier traffic. I had hit the gym branch near home or in the building at the office. Just having more open space and less of a crowd in the gym makes the entire experience so much more pleasant.

Living in the foothills now it takes only walking out the door to take a hike. We're looking at a house with a nice pool in the backyard and even though we didn't want a pool, we found half the houses here seem to have pools. We have looked at a lot of houses with pools because of the house and in spite of the pools. But we've changed our tune a bit and now I'm getting excited about the possibility to doing pool workouts in my own backyard if things work out as we hope. I have pinned a ton of pool workouts on one of my Pinterest boards.

One of the reasons we moved was to have a calmer lifestyle and being able to fit in workouts that work for me was definitely one of the lifestyle changes we wanted leaving the big city. I got here, got settled in the new job, got to know the new neighborhood, and now I'm really excited to be finding my way to a more active, healthy lifestyle, even though I'm working a lot of hours every week. Finding ways to help my body feel energetic and healthy is definitely a vital part of being able to SHINE - and it is my year to shine -- my mantra/goal for 2015.

Are you finding new ways of working out that you are really enjoying right now? Anything you've just found that's changing how you feel about your body? What are you doing that's helping you shine?

Sending happy wishes.

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