29 September 2014

Now Is My Time #37: A Weekend Alone

This is how I'm feeling at the end of this weekend...but also happy, cheerful and thankful. It's not often I get a weekend alone at home, so I made some plans when it looked like it was happening this past weekend. I was having visions of eating bon bons, watching cheesy chick flicks on the couch, wearing pajamas all day. At the same time my brain was percolating with all the things I could get done while the family was away.

Topping the list were The Bug's room needing a complete overhaul and reorganization, going through two boxes of file boxes of paper that needed to be sorted, thrown out or filed, changing the sheets on all the beds and cleaning my bathroom.

I also wanted to take some time to do a creative project of some kind. I have found it such a blessing to do something even for just hour every week to feed my creative soul. We did art with friends last week.

Some weeks I bake or make a new recipe for dinner. A few weeks ago I worked on my new vision board. I have been wanting to make something with wood and I'm not at all sure why, but it's a want right now. But the project I chose was perfect.

I think a Saturday in pajamas watching Hallmark Channel movies or HGTV is a fine pursuit a few times a year. I always find some project to work on and make at least part of a day out of it. I had decided I would work on our 25 Days of Christ box and get it all done in plenty of time for the holidays.

These fantastic countdown to Christmas kits put together by a dear friend of mine are already available here. They sell out quickly EVERY year so it you are interested, get one fast. I'm going to do a full post on 25 Days of Christ later this week so I'll share more then.

I decided to work in concentrated segments. Get one cleaning project done, then relax and watch a movie or a couple of TV episodes. Here's how it actually worked out.

I did eight hours in The Bug's room until about 4:30 am Saturday. I had the energy, knew i could sleep in the next morning and I figured "Oh just keep working." So I did. I rearranged where her clothing is stored, the furniture, and bookshelf items. I hope the new system will work for her. We'll soon find out.

While I worked when I could sit down and sort things, I started to watch season three of Call The Midwife. I have really enjoyed that series although at first I wasn't sure I could handle watching all those baby births. Wowzers.

The next morning I got up and blazed through cleaning my bathroom from top to bottom while listening to inspiring talks online. I tidied up our bedroom and changed the bedding. I cleaned up my work area, speed cleaned the kitchen and was about ready to collapse just as I needed to get into the shower before I met a friend.

I got a little surprise when The Man was able to come home for the weekend. He got in minutes after I left to meet my lovely friend for dinner and attend a church activity for women. You can learn more about that here. The talks were very inspiring. I had one of my very favorite salads for dinner. Great food for the belly AND the soul.

Saturday night late I went on a date to the gym with The Man then we stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Happily he had arrived home with leftovers from a training he went to that day so he had a bag of fantastic sandwiches, chips, cookies and cake. Later we had a picnic in bed and watched a movie.

Not surprisingly I didn't make it through much of the movie. We started watching The Ghost And The Darkness which I had not seen before. All night I was feeling like there were massive lions following me or about to jump out and tear me to shreds. Restful! Haha.

I didn't get to my two boxes of paper that needed sorting. I didn't do any art projects, but I was inspired to do some research and planning for some new art for our home. I may buy some art and make some art. Haven't completely decided yet, but I'm excited to find something that will work with our family vibe.

I take my weekends home alone time seriously -- I make a plan for myself and try to use every moment to my advantage, whether that be in hard work or relaxing. Having The Man come home unexpectedly was a good surprise I'll take any time. And seeing what I had been working on for the weekend he took on a few reorganization and cleaning projects of his own. A win-win!

I still have a couple of boxes of toys & kid junk to go through. That includes sorting two boxes of Legos that are mixed in with other small stuff. Good times. Hopefully I'll finish that up in the next day or so. I also have a bookcase still to go through.

This Monday morning I will take some time for myself to catch up, relax and rest. I'm looking forward to it. Just have to get a kiddo off to school. Oh, Saturday night I had some inspiration about what I want to have for my theme for 2015. It is so simple and so beautiful. I am excited about it and I feel really ready for it. Just saying it to myself gets my energy soaring. I'll share it soon, as soon as my thoughts are more solidified.

So what plans did you carry out this weekend? Any home projects or were you out and about? Have a great week! Thanks for coming by.

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