10 September 2014

Did I Love Enough Today?

Man, has September been a crazy one so far. My head spinneth! I feel like I had have some major event EVERY day since before Labor Day Weekend and August was crazy eventful too.

The past two nights I have been on three hours sleep to 1) head out early or 2) stay up late to finish a big project. Then I have had some business opportunities to attend to and exciting projects to investigate -- and a husband out of town many days and a third grader trying to adjust to a new school year.

That also means me trying to figure out the beyond cryptic homework assignments that come home with almost no really useful instructions. The days are long but I seek out every joyful moment possible.

Some nights after all are asleep and I am walking through the now dark and quiet house, with a somewhat heavy heart, I wonder if I've loved enough that day. With all the things that can keep us "busy" being far, far less important. Did I make a big enough huggy, lovvy, slurpy, kissy scene or was I too caught up on the computer, writing, cooking, cleaning, or talking to someone on the phone.

Did I miss that moment when someone walk away, giving up on getting some needed attention? Was I too sharp at an interruption or an annoyance? Do they know without a doubt how much I love them?

Yesterday The Bug climbed up next to me on our bed to do her homework. I took the opportunity every few minutes to just stroke her hair, cheek, arms and hands. Each time I would touch her she would quietly, while still looking at her homework, say, "You're a great mom. I love you."

What an amazing payoff for taking a few minutes to let her know that I see her, I appreciate her and I love her.

Are there special, tender things you do when you want to make sure your family knows how much you love them? How do you catch yourself, slow down and make the little moments count?

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