25 September 2014

Rug Sale At Cost Plus World Market

Saw that Cost Plus World Market is having a big sale on rugs right now. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. It seems as if everyone is in need of a good rug for a specific space. Sometimes these quests can last for years. So catching a good one on sale is always a great way to go, especially if you need a large rug.

Rita Ikat: (above) The color and pattern combination here is one to love, orange and blue on a deep red background. Lovely.

Remi Off-placed Kilim Rug: Love the mismatched sides and earthy tones.

Barhari Flat-woven Wool Rug: Like this bright cheery color so very much. This would be sweet to brighten up just about any room. It would be fun in a kitchen nook.

Avira Flat-Woven Rug: Neutral with a lively off-set zigzag is nice. I feel like this would be perfect under a dining table.

Nari Jute Area Rug: So charming. The pattern is gorgeous and the colors simple. This would be a great base for a comfy, cozy space for relaxing.

Check out all the rugs at Cost Plus World Market. Of course they have a great selection of indoor/outdoor rugs and all sorts of great natural fiber, jute rugs too. There is something for any space in the house in a wide range of sizes. This might be the week you find that one rug that you've been searching for for years.

Last minute addition to this post. Saw this on Pinterest. It's a guide from Cost Plus World Market to know your rug materials. This is a handy resource to get a handle on the language of rugs.

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