11 September 2014

Personalized Headphones Cords: My Beads USA

*This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the five winners listed below. Thank you so much for entering. It's fantastic to see the interest in MyBeads spreading the past couple of weeks. Winners please email me your mailing address to kalanicut at hotmail dot com.

Hope you have a great time personlizing your headphones! If you get a chance we'd love it if you would post a photo of your finished project on the MyBeadsUSA facebook page. It's so cool to see what everyone comes up with.

1) Lori from Parkhurst Party
2) Jennifer from Jen's Grateful Year
3) Jane from The Borrowed Abode
4) Alina Wilson
5) Shannon from I'm No Domestic Goddess

I am very happy to introduce you to something so fun and cool that I've been excited about the past few months. Meet my personalized headphones using My Beads by My Beads USA. These are beads created to personalize your headphone and charger cords. They have a slit in the side so you can slip them right on your cords.

In full disclosure, I have been working with My Beads USA on marketing. Now let me tell you why My Beads are so cool to me as a user. I've been using them for a few months and they've kinda changed my life...really they have. See #4 and 5!

1) Fun Craft Project: This is a project anyone can do. I just saw a really cool pair of headphones personalized by a four year old this week, so it's fun for all ages. You could decorate them with holiday colors throughout the year.

2) Show Your Personality: With 500 beads in each bag, the color combinations are incredible. See a sample of all the cool cords people have made on Facebook. Randomly places or in an intricate pattern, you can make your own look.

Show them off while sporting your headphones at the gym. Imagine wearing your favorite college or professional team colors at the big game or having your entire sports team sporting their headphones with team pride colors.

3) Protect Your Cord: These beads absorb pressure and keep your cords from getting dirty, pulled excessively and banged up.

4) Easy To Find: Less losing your cord in your bag or around the house. The bright colors make them more noticeable and easier to grab. When you're reaching around in the dark or in the bottom of a bag for the beads they are much easier to recognize than trying to see or feel a little cord.

5) No More Confusion With Identical Cords: If you have a family or roommates with similar cell phones everyone's cords and chargers look the same unless you personalize them. Now that my cords are pink and yellow I haven't had one problem in months with The Man accidentally taking my headphones! This is big. That has been a long-term problem.

6) Best Of All: No More Tangled Cord! Yes it's true, you will never have to waste your valuable life energy untangling your long headphone cords. Again, life changing.

In my mind these are the ultimate stocking stuff for Christmas 2014. They are also great for gift bags or for kids' friend gifts for the holidays.

MyBeadsUSA also has a great fundraising program is you are associated with a school, church or youth group or sports team that has to do fundraisers. The best part is you can return anything you don't sell for a refund.

My Beads are available at MyBeadsUSA.com. You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

The Bug is working on her black and purple headphones this week. If you decorate your headphones or charger with My Beads we'd love to see your creation. Post photos to Twitter and/or Facebook.

I'm going to wrap up this post with a giveaway. We will give away one pair to five people drawn randomly from the comments below. Leave a comment and tell us what colors you would use to decorate your own personalized headphones or what feature most interests you? Drawing ends midnight (PDT) Wednesday September 17, 2014. Good luck.


parkhurstparty.blogspot.com said...

I would choose green and white beads bc green is my fave color! Those are awesome! Love this idea kalani!

Jennifer said...

I would probably decorate with blue, purple, and neon green. :)

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

The charger cord idea is genius! I'm all about pink probably :)

Alina Wilson said...

Love this idea! You are so crafty Kalani! I think a patriotic one would be fun.

Shannon F said...

I would probably use red and white. Hockey season is coming and those are the Red Wings colors! lol


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